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It's finally done!  When Life Is Too Good, the sequel to No Men Need Apply, is complete.  For my loyal followers, you will notice that this book has more mystery and suspense than the first. If the reviews are correct, then it should keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end.
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Often when life seems too good, it is, at least for Alexandra Jones Miller. After years of waiting, she has the perfect life. But when tragedy strikes and her child is kidnapped, it causes a crisis in her faith. How could something so horrible happen? She wants to crawl inside herself and never come out, until she finds the source of her strength—her faith—and determines to get her daughter back. Alexandra Jones Miller finally has it all—the baby, the man, the life. But something always happens When Life Is Too Good. Her precious baby Alexia has been kidnapped! She finds strength through her faith and determination, knowing she will get her daughter back. But whoever took her will have hell to pay. They will regret the day they ever met Alexandra Jones Miller.

Lovell Brigham is a local best-selling author, business executive and motivational speaker.  A former television journalist, Lovell’s writing focuses on the real-life issues of today’s women and their struggles to have it all. When Life Is Too Good is the sequel to her debut novel, No Men Need Apply.  As always, the characters show their strength, confidence and faith throughout life’s difficulties. Her writing exemplifies a woman confident in her faith and herself. Lovell’s career as a journalist took her to the Golden Triangle of Texas, where she began as a reporter with KJAC-TV. She went on to become the weekend anchor, and later hosted the area’s first half-hour morning news program. Having minored in political science, she later received a political appointment and served in Washington , DC .  She is a proud member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. She is a graduate of Texas Christian University and holds a degree in broadcast journalism. Lovell is a native of Texas and resides there with her son.

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"Mystery, suspense and jealousy are mixed into one juicy story.  Brigham's writing takes you into the lives of her characters and leaves you wanting more.  A definite-page turner that grips you from the first page and holds you until the very end."
Gwen Deru 
Birmingham Times & The Lewis Group

“When Life Is Too Good grips you and refuses to let go.  While keeping the action moving, Lovell captures the genuine humanness of each character as they struggle to understand and deal with the extraordinary events unfolding in their lives.  The betrayals, support, love, awkwardness, personality conflicts, and faith of the characters are all masterfully tended to in a true-to-life manner as this mystery unfolds.  When Life Is Too Good is an important work as it describes the dilemma of bad things happening to good people, and, as it unveils what strong people do when bad things happen to them.”
—Scott A. Airitam
Co-author, Ethics4Everyone
Freelance writer contributing to the Dallas Morning News